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Le harem de Mme Osmane (2000)

In Algiers in 1993, while the civil war is starting, Mrs Osmane's tenants have to endure her bad temper. Her husband left her and the fear to lose her respectability haunt her. The former member of the Resistance during the Independence War persists in controlling the slightest moves of the households rather than struggle against her own frustrations. Learning her daughter is in love, the possibility of finding herself alone will push her to the limit: The symbolical Mrs Osmane "harem" is about to collapse.

The movie Le harem de Mme Osmane, released in 2000, features 6 songs from artists like Warda, Elhadj Mohamed El Anka, Cheb Hamid and La batterie fanfare de la Garde Republicaine. What is your favorite song from Le harem de Mme Osmane?


Songs from Le harem de Mme Osmane

Ouin saudi ouin
Elhadj Mohamed El Anka
El Marsam
Cheb Hamid
Nachid El Kaoumi El Djazairi (Argelian National Anthem)
La batterie fanfare de la Garde Republicaine
Elli hab slahou
Le blues du barrage
Linda Lee Hopkins

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