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Le bleu des villes (1999)

Solange is unhappy. She's a meter maid in Tours, working in the rain, subject to verbal abuse from those she cites. Her husband Patrick is consumed by the work of finishing their new house: carpet, tile, faucets. He's also a hothead, subjecting Sonange to tantrums. While she's often quiet and withdrawn, she longs to be a singer. When by chance she meets Mylène, an accomplished, beautiful Parisian writer she admires, Solange gives her a demo tape. Mylène is encouraging, a friendship of sorts develops, and when Solange despairs after a series of personal, emotional setbacks, she heads for Mylène's doorstep in Paris. Does a singing career await, and what about Patrick?

The movie Le bleu des villes, released in 1999, features 16 songs from artists like Florence Vignon, Sylvie Drai, Le Groupe and Miguel Galvan. What is your favorite song from Le bleu des villes?


Songs from Le bleu des villes

Mamy Blue
Florence Vignon
Les volets clos
Florence Vignon
Laisse-moi t'aimer
Micka?l Calle
Laisse moin vive
Sylvie Drai
Hot dog
Dog man
Les filles en bleu
Le Groupe
Tampicana Waltz
Romantic ballad
Steppin' out
You can dance
Cherie for ever
A touch of silk
Pourquoi tu ris?
Miguel Galvan

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