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Laughing Boy (2000)

Is having fun and saying what you really think politically incorrect? Or is it impossible to do both? Cody McKenzie thinks nobody has parties anymore. Maybe they do, but he just isn't invited to any. However, tonight, Cody and his wife Judy are going to a very special party. Elizabeth Sheridan, star of Cody's fantasies, is giving it for the engagement of his best friend. Elizabeth also happens to be a very important player where Cody works. Judy sees the party as a chance for Cody to advance; he sees it as a chance to impress the woman of his dreams.

The movie Laughing Boy, released in 2000, features 18 songs from artists like The Dead Monkeys, Toe Head, The Strangeways and Robin Craig. What is your favorite song from Laughing Boy?


Songs from Laughing Boy

Hold On
After Hours
Hot Dog Forever
The Dead Monkeys
I Got Religion
Toe Head
Corporate Monkey
The Strangeways
Mi Cielo
Kentucky Serenade
Wish Come True
Nickels (for Dave Nichols)
Just a Little Talk With Jesus
Robin Craig
I'm Steppin' Up
This Ain't Heaven
It'll be a Happy Day
Me 4 You
Now That I've Found You