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Last Man Standing (1996)

John Smith is a mysterious stranger who is drawn into a vicious war between two Prohibition-era gangs. In a dangerous game, he switches allegiances from one to another, offering his services to the highest bidder. As the death toll mounts, Smith takes the law into his own hands in a deadly race to stay alive.

The movie Last Man Standing, released in 1996, features 7 songs from artists like Ry Cooder, Ferdinand Jelly Roll Morton, Kashwa-Nacza and Swiss-Italian Radio-Television Orchestra and Chorus. What is your favorite song from Last Man Standing?


Songs from Last Man Standing

How Long, How Long Blues
Ry Cooder
You Got To Reap What You Sow
Ry Cooder
Denver Blues
Ry Cooder
Ferdinand Jelly Roll Morton
Fiesta Yaqui
Torvaldo E Dorliska
Swiss-Italian Radio-Television Orchestra and Chorus
Bumble Bee Blues
Ry Cooder

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