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La demoiselle sauvage (1991)

In this drama from Canada, a nurse from Quebec is traumatized by a violent incident and becomes lost in the mountains. In time, a Swiss engineer working in the alps discovers her; he gives her a place to stay and slowly gains her trust as she regains her health. However, he soon discovers she's wanted by the law, and circumstances become difficult for him as he tries to hide her from the authorities. La Demoiselle Sauvage stars Patricia Tulasne, Roger Jendly, and Matthias Habich.

The movie La demoiselle sauvage, released in 1991, features 6 songs from artists like Dan Bigras, Mory Kante and Duo Atlantis. What is your favorite song from La demoiselle sauvage?


Songs from La demoiselle sauvage

Lune noire
Dan Bigras
Les Dinosaures
Mory Kante
Le Vin du glacier
Duo Atlantis
Country Fok Dance
A Little Bourr?e

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