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Kauas pilvet karkaavat (1996)

Tram driver Lauri loses his job. Shortly later, the restaurant where his wife Ilona works as a headwaitress is closed. Too proud, to receive money from the social welfare system, they hardly try to find new jobs. But they are completely unlucky and clumsy, one disaster is followed by the next. Finally, their courage, confidence, and their unbreakable love triumph over the fate.

The movie Kauas pilvet karkaavat, released in 1996, features 18 songs from artists like Rauli Somerjoki, Shelley Fisher, Ensemble Antero Jakoila and Markus Allan and His Orchestra. What is your favorite song from Kauas pilvet karkaavat?


Songs from Kauas pilvet karkaavat

Rauli Somerjoki
Lonesome Traveller
Shelley Fisher
Ulla's Song
Shelley Fisher
Ensemble Antero Jakoila
La feria
Ensemble Antero Jakoila
Su cara
Ensemble Antero Jakoila
Kuumat tuulet
Markus Allan and His Orchestra
Kohtalon tuulet
Markus Allan and His Orchestra
Rodelinda (excerpt)
S? et kyynelt? n??
Olavi Virta
Myrskyn keskell?'
Badding Rockers
Human Rights for Snakes
Kuihtuu kes?inen maa
Rauli Somerjoki
Syyspihlajan alla
Henry Theel
Pilvet karkaa, niin min?kin
Rauli Somerjoki

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