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Julie Johnson (2001)

A New Jersey housewife is dissatisfied with her everyday life because she is smarter than she or anyone else knows. While taking a computer class, Julie discovers her abilities and finds the courage to make dramatic life changes. This is a story of realizing one's potential and being willing to turn one's life upside down to take a chance on finding happiness. Claire, Julie's best friend, goes along with Julie's secret quest and eventually moves in with her. Both women are on a search to realize their dreams and come to terms with their love for each other.

The movie Julie Johnson, released in 2001, features 10 songs from artists like Haystak and Russell Simins. What is your favorite song from Julie Johnson?


Songs from Julie Johnson

She's Gone
Car Fulla White Boys
Uncle Alvarez
Apple Tree
How Will You Leave Me This Time
What If I Was Famous
Are You Living
Public Place
Russell Simins