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Joutilaat (2001)

The Idle Ones is a profile of contemporary affairs - somewhere on the edge of Europe - in a place where unemployment for some young people is fast becoming a way of life. Covering a period of 18 months, the film follows the activities of a group of young men in their 20s who have finished their schooling and stayed in their home village - they loaf about unemployed since they can´t find any work in the remote district. The main characters are more or less idle young fellows whose stories link together and make up the film. Tinged with humour, The Idle Ones is a story about frustrated but vital young people in a period of transition, waiting for something to happen. For some, the waiting is becoming their life.

The movie Joutilaat, released in 2001, features 6 songs from artists like Is It Real, Nightside, Evelyn and Nylon Beat. What is your favorite song from Joutilaat?


Songs from Joutilaat

I Like To Move It
Is It Real
Under A Thousand Stars
Funny Bunny Boy
Nylon Beat
1000 Ways
Waldo's People
Tule tytt? kyytiin

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