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Johnny Skidmarks (1998)

Johnny Scardino is working for blackmailers, photographing wealthy guys in seedy motels. One such assignment turns the wrong way and blackmailers die one by one. Is Johnny the next on the list?

The movie Johnny Skidmarks, released in 1998, features 15 songs from artists like Perry Como, Blind Alvin Pew, Brave Combo and The Smokin Joe Kubek Band. What is your favorite song from Johnny Skidmarks?


Songs from Johnny Skidmarks

Magic Moments
Perry Como
Round and Round
Perry Como
Autour de France
Walking Spanish
On the Veranda with Miranda
Blind Alvin Pew
Ricordi di Napoli
Brave Combo
Hawaiian Paradise
You're My Brand
The Smokin Joe Kubek Band
That's What I Want to Do
Little Buster and The Soul Brothers
Hora Bialik
Brave Combo
You're So Hard to Understand
The Smokin Joe Kubek Band
Tarantella Napolitana
Aloha Hawaii