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Ilusyon (2005)

Set in Philippine post-American colonialist era, where the American influence was still apparent, Ilusyon tells the story of Miguel, a young man from the countryside, who decides to visit his father, Pablo, a Modernist painter in Manila. Upon his arrival, he discovers that his father has decided to leave for the province but he opted to stay in Manila for a vacation. One day, he meets Stella, a nude model originally scheduled to pose for Miguel's father. Struck by her beauty, Miguel does the unthinkable - he pretends to be his father the painter. Developing a relationship based on a lie, things turn for the worse as Stella begets a strange skin disease that turns off Miguel. Surrounded by strange characters - a talking cow, a talkative mailman and a nosy landlady - Miguel is driven into a frenzy realization about beauty, lust, love and being true to oneself. An ambiguous ending underlines the surreal tone of the film.

The movie Ilusyon, released in 2005, features 19 songs from artists like Olivia Cenizal, Pike Ramirez, Nellie Aragon and Pete Cruzado. What is your favorite song from Ilusyon?


Songs from Ilusyon

Hindi Kita Malimot
Olivia Cenizal
Ilusyon Piano Piece #1
Ilusyon Piano Piece #2
Ilusyon Piano Piece #3
Nightmare on Illinois St
Early Evening Howl
Hindi Ka Isang Ilusyon
Pike Ramirez
Ilusyon the Musical
Virga Piano
Luluha Ka Rin
Nellie Aragon
Bakas Ng Lumipas
Nellie Aragon
Karnabal Sa Maynila
Nellie Aragon
Patatawarin Kita
Nellie Aragon
Hindi Kita Malimot
Pete Cruzado
Kung Ikaw ay Akin
Pete Cruzado
Santa Lucia
Pete Cruzado
Pete Cruzado
Up in the Beach

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