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Ice from the Sun (1999)

Though once an average wizard's apprentice, the evil sovereign known only as "The Presence" has the distinct quality of having gained the hatred of heaven and hell alike. Cast aside to rule a bizarre alternate dimension filled with unending violence and bloodshed, those unfortunate to live under his command hire Alison, an assassin, to hunt and destroy him. Soon after her mission begins, Alison finds herself haunted by ghastly visions of death, destruction, and mass chaos.

The movie Ice from the Sun, released in 1999, features 15 songs from artists like Hotel Faux Pas, Godfuck, Free Dirt and Ded Bugs. What is your favorite song from Ice from the Sun?


Songs from Ice from the Sun

Lightning Rod
Hotel Faux Pas
Ice From the Sun
Rude Pets
Free Dirt
Go To War Now
Rated X
Ded Bugs
My Baby Won't Go Down On Me
Paper Cut
Johnny Magnet
Trippin' in the Caddy
70 West
The Trip Daddys
Burning Paradise
Sons of Black Mass
Piggy Back Ride
Johnathan Woodside
Commercial God
Organic State
Jailhouse Tattoo
Highway Matrons
Ray Gun