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Hot Wax Zombies on Wheels (1999)

A sleepy fishing village is terrorized by a band of hairless zombies on motorcycles.

The movie Hot Wax Zombies on Wheels, released in 1999, features 12 songs from artists like Raising Cain, Judy Salya, Griffin and Molly Pasutti. What is your favorite song from Hot Wax Zombies on Wheels?


Songs from Hot Wax Zombies on Wheels

Let's Do This
Raising Cain
Planet Doom
Raising Cain
Forget Last Night
Judy Salya
Eyes of the World
Judy Salya
Hot, Smooth, On the Move
Coming Down Again
Hot Wax Zombies
She's So Crazy
Molly Pasutti
Move that Body
Slip Away
Bake West