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Hollywood Ending (2002)

Woody Allen stars as Val Waxman, a two-time Oscar winner turned washed-up, neurotic director in desperate need of a comeback. When it comes, Waxman finds himself backed into a corner: Work for his ex-wife Ellie or forfeit his last shot. Is Val blinded by love when he opts for the reconnect? Is love blind when it comes to Ellie's staunch support? Literally and figuratively, the proof is the picture.

The movie Hollywood Ending, released in 2002, features 10 songs from artists like Bing Crosby, Edmond Hall, Dick Powell , Frances Langford , Johnnie Davis (as Johnny "Scat" Davis), and Barbara Carroll. What is your favorite song from Hollywood Ending?


Songs from Hollywood Ending

Going Hollywood (1933)
Bing Crosby
It's Been So Long (1935)
Edmond Hall
Hooray for Hollywood (1937)
Dick Powell , Frances Langford , Johnnie Davis (as Johnny "Scat" Davis),
No Moon At All (1947)
Barbara Carroll
Sweet And Lovely (1931)
Barbara Carroll
Too Close For Comfort (1956)
Jackie Gleason
Poor Butterfly (1916)
Bobby Hackett & His Orchestra
Serenade in Blue (1942)
Jackie Gleason
Descarga (1955)
Tito Puente
Grindhouse (A Go-Go) (1989)
White Zombie