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Heart By-Pass (1998)

An unedited blur of random images from a day in a life of Jesus Corazon, the serial rapist-killer of Manila who collects women's hearts in glass jars. Mixed with snuff & other found footage. Accompanied by a non-sequitur deluge of distorted guitar, a synthetic piano orchestra, drum&bass, and abstract spokenword poetry.

The movie Heart By-Pass, released in 1998, features 9 songs from artists like Black Sabbath, Primal Scream, The Moody Blues and Electric Light Orchestra. What is your favorite song from Heart By-Pass?


Songs from Heart By-Pass

Iron Man
Black Sabbath
If They Move, Kill 'Em
Primal Scream
Go Now
The Moody Blues
Birmingham Blues
Electric Light Orchestra
Blackberry Way
The Move
Rock and Roll
Led Zeppelin
Fire Brigade
The Move
Paper Sun
Night of Fear
The Move