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Ghoul School (1990)

Two sniveling high school dropouts plot to rob the school janitor and accidentally release toxic chemicals into the school's water supply. The swimming team are the first ones to turn into green-faced flesh-eating zombies, and they promptly go after the rest of the present school populace: two horror movie nerds, the members of a metal band and the world's worst basketball team.

The movie Ghoul School, released in 1990, features 12 songs from artists like Chris Baillif, Seven Sez U, Wilbur & The Hoodlum Patrol and Paul Venier , Brian Ginger Sheil, and Doug DeCastro. What is your favorite song from Ghoul School?


Songs from Ghoul School

School's Out
The Chase
Love Theme
Light, Frothy Rock Music
First Kill
Chris Baillif
Baby I'm Wild
Seven Sez U
Evil Among Us
Seven Sez U
Death & Violence
Wilbur & The Hoodlum Patrol
I Hate You
Wilbur & The Hoodlum Patrol
Funky Doodles
The Future's Now
Paul Venier , Brian Ginger Sheil, and Doug DeCastro

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