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Ghost in the Machine (1993)

After a freak, fatal accident, the soul Karl—aka The Address Book Killer—ends up trapped in the electrical grid. He targets Terry and her son for his next victims, turning home technology against them as deadly weapons.

The movie Ghost in the Machine, released in 1993, features 13 songs from artists like Schooly-D, Nuttin Nyce, Mr. Lee and Steady B. What is your favorite song from Ghost in the Machine?


Songs from Ghost in the Machine

Don't Call Me Nigger
In My Nature
Nuttin Nyce
I Like the Girls
Mr. Lee
Girls Gonna Getcha
Steady B
Under Some Budda
Concerto in C Major for Flute and Harp
Check Yourself
D-Nice and Too $hort (as Too Short)
Electric Slice (Shall We Dance)
Grandmaster Slice
Slinky Cool
Stop 'cos You're Breaking My Heart
To the Beat Y'all
Kool Moe Dee
Mind Power
Living with a Stranger
Millie Jackson

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