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George Washington (2000)

Set in the landscape of a rural southern town, "George Washington" is a stunning portrait of how a group of young kids come to grips with a hard world of choices and consequences. During an innocent game in an abandoned amusement park, a member of the group dies. Narrated by one of the children, the film follows the kids as they struggle to balance their own ambitions and relationships against a tragic lie.

The movie George Washington, released in 2000, features 11 songs from artists like David Wingo , Robb Kunz and Michael Young. What is your favorite song from George Washington?


Songs from George Washington

Dream of Lost Rivers (1997)
Positions Jenny in Dee (2000)
A Hit (2000)
He Will Always Stay (The Holy Spirit)
The Company Car (2000)
You Were the Best Part (2000)
Audion (2000)
Pilot Suicide Theory (2000)
Cantus (2000)
O, Broken Land (2000)
David Wingo , Robb Kunz and Michael Young
Tri-Enium (2000)

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