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Fuck (2005)

FILTHY McNASTIEST goes beyond the previous films and introduces D'artagnan, who proves that the female is indeed the deadliest of the species! She grants Clavell's desire to satisfy his lover in one area where he's coming up "short" with hilariously over-the-top consequences!

The movie Fuck, released in 2005, features 15 songs from artists like The Trashmen, Carvin Knowles , Joel Kleinberg and David Uebersax, The Funky Filter and Red Peters. What is your favorite song from Fuck?


Songs from Fuck

Hallelujah Chorus
Surfin' Bird
The Trashmen
Carvin Knowles , Joel Kleinberg and David Uebersax
If I Had the Copyright (The F-Word Song)
Porn King
The Funky Filter
Revolution Starts Now
I Can't Say These Things
Red Peters
Shut Up and Fuck
Betty Blowtorch
Fucking Fucking Fuck
Chicken Rhythm
Slim Gaillard
A Chat with Your Mother
Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer
Don't Fuck Around with Love
The Blenders
Bad Word for a Good Thing
The Friggs
Fuck tha Police
I Love to Say Fuck

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