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FreeLance (2007)

Elliot Guillespsie dreams of being the worlds greatest investigative reporter, ala his idol, Rod Reel. A daunting task considering he is both camera man and reporter, can't drive, and still lives in his mother's basement. Further complicating matters is Roy Henry who, as Elliot's childhood bully tortured the boy, and is now a born again Christian/recovering alcoholic seeking forgiveness. He is also seeing Elliot's mother. Elliot escapes an unacceptable home life in the guise of Lance Windchaser, his journalistic alter-ego. He enlists Toby, a suburban taxi driver, to be his cameraman, which Toby accepts in an attempt to escape his own hellacious home life. When he receives a letter from his idol ridiculing his efforts, Elliot snaps, and begins a psychotic vandalism/reporting spree whose consequences may very well allow Elliot to truly MAKE the news.

The movie FreeLance, released in 2007, features 10 songs from artists like Grandaddy, Little Country Giants, The Greedy Robots and Greedy Robots. What is your favorite song from FreeLance?


Songs from FreeLance

A.M. 180
Hold On To Me
Little Country Giants
More Than Everything To Me
Little Country Giants
Bottle Fight
The Greedy Robots
Night Drive to Commerce
Greedy Robots
Tribute to a Dead Hooker
Windchaser Theme
Making The News
Mammoth Ride

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