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Freddy Got Fingered (2001)

An unemployed cartoonist moves back in with his parents and younger brother Freddy. When his parents demand he leave, he begins to spread rumors that his father is sexually abusing Freddy.

The movie Freddy Got Fingered, released in 2001, features 24 songs from artists like Eminem, Agent Orange, The Sex Pistols and Sammy Davis Jr.. What is your favorite song from Freddy Got Fingered?


Songs from Freddy Got Fingered

The Real Slim Shady
Everything Turns Grey
Agent Orange
The Sex Pistols
I've Gotta Be Me
Sammy Davis Jr.
Dueling Banjos
We're A Happy Family
I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing
The New Seekers
Lucky Me, Lucky You
I Just Wanna Love You (Give It 2 Me)
Om Jai Jagadeesha (Salutations to the Lord of the World)
All Night Long
Mary Jane Girls
Personality Crisis
The New York Dolls
Who's Gonna Love You
Clark Anderson
Natural Blues
Microphone Fiend
Eric B. & Rakim
Toy Parade
Blood, Sex And Booze
Green Day
I Fought The Law
Dead Kennedys
When A Man Loves A Woman
Percy Sledge
Ride Of The Valkyries
Wiener Philharmoniker
Kijan Mwana Mwali
Do The Freddy
I've Gotta Be Me
Iggy Pop