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Freaked (1993)

A vain actor, his best friend, and an activist end up at a mutant freak farm run by a weirdo scientist.

The movie Freaked, released in 1993, features 12 songs from artists like Henry Rollins and Blind Idiot God, Blind Idiot God, Butthole Surfers and Bobcat Goldthwait . What is your favorite song from Freaked?


Songs from Freaked

Henry Rollins and Blind Idiot God
Gumby Jack Flash
Blind Idiot God
Butter Queen
Butthole Surfers
Wienerschnitzel Polka
Bobcat Goldthwait
Hideous Mutant Freekz
Sweat Loaf
Butthole Surfers
Midget Man Skank
Blind Idiot God
Cha Bump
Bald Bill Hagan and His Trocaderons
Freekz! (That's What They Call Us!)
Mark Evans, Mark Free, Greg Welchel
Gluehead Stomp
Blind Idiot God