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Flunked (2008)

The American education system is failing. It's time to do something. "Flunked", narrated by Joe Mantegna, is a full-length documentary designed to be both informative and entertaining, without compromising the truth of the crisis we are facing in education today. Most people are well aware of the declining test scores and competitiveness of the average American student, as well as myriad other problems facing education today. However, complaining about the problem, while easy to do, produces little productive results. Instead, "Flunked" focuses on many of today's schools nationwide that are "getting it right" — attaining great results in terms of college preparation, high test scores, and graduating competent workers for tomorrow's economy.

The movie Flunked, released in 2008, features 5 songs from artists like Elvis Presley, Smash Mouth and Bowling for Soup. What is your favorite song from Flunked?


Songs from Flunked

A Little Less Conversation
Elvis Presley
Smash Mouth
Better Do It Right
Smash Mouth
Getting Better
Smash Mouth
5 O'clock World
Bowling for Soup