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Fever Pitch (2005)

Lindsay is stuck in the middle of her relationship with Ben and his passion for the Boston Red Sox.

The movie Fever Pitch, released in 2005, features 39 songs from artists like The Standells, Porterville, Ivy and Popium. What is your favorite song from Fever Pitch?


Songs from Fever Pitch

The Star Spangled Banner (1814)
Mexican Hat Dance
Second Best
After Hours
Dirty Water (1966)
The Standells
Wink and a Nod
I'd Really Like to Pick You Up
Breathe a Sigh (1996)
Wasting (Pretty) Time
You Move Me
Good Evening
Thinking About You (2005)
Sooner or Later
My Heart Is the Bums of the Street
Windown Pane
Mad Larry
Ocean City Girl (2005)
Whammer Jammer (Live) (2004)
J. Geils Band
Ode to Mama
The Ryan Bros.
The Sportscenter Theme (1994)
Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah) (1977)
Dropkick Murphys
New Cambridge March (1989)
The Hot Tamales
Cavalry Charge
The Sting
The JK Jazz Ensemble
Sweet Caroline (1969)
MLB on Fox Theme
Memory Lane
(Keep Feeling) Fascination (1983)
The Human League
Pink Champagne
Oh Babe, What Would You Say (1972)
Norman Hurricane Smith
King Conga (1994)
Rome for a Day (2003)
Yastrzemski Song (Shoutin' Liza Trombone)
Jess Cain
Everything Is Everything (2004)
Northern Sky (1970)
A Moment Like You (2005)
Who Killed Tangerine? (2003)
Tears for Fears
Moonshot Manny (2005)
Joe Pernice
As We Walk to Fenway Park in Boston Town (2005)

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