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Excessive Force II: Force on Force (1995)

Stacie Randall plays Harley, a Special Forces agent-turned-investigator, who arrives on the scene of an apparent mob hit to help the local police. In actuality, she's hunting down Francis Lydell, her former C.O. and lover, who shot her in the head when she turned down his offer to become part of the freelance assassination squad he was forming. Ignoring the need for surgery to remove the bullet fragment which still causes her to have occasional bouts of disorientation, she continues her quest to bring down Lydell before he has the chance to kill a Mafia informant being held at the police station. Written by Chris Holland

The movie Excessive Force II: Force on Force, released in 1995, features 8 songs from artists like Bloods & Crips. What is your favorite song from Excessive Force II: Force on Force?


Songs from Excessive Force II: Force on Force

Pool Babe
Cool 'Lanta Blues
The Club Grind
Hot 'Lanta
Arabian Knight
Gs & Locs
Bloods & Crips
Another Slob Bites the Dust
Bloods & Crips
I Killed Ya Dead Homies
Bloods & Crips