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Di me cosa ne sai (2009)

Until the 1970s, Italian cinema dominated the international scene, even competing with Hollywood. Then, in just a few years, came its rapid decline, the flight of our greatest producers, a crisis among the best writer-directors, the collapse of production. But what are the true causes and circumstances of this decline? In an attempt to provide an answer to this question, Di Me Cosa Ne Sai strives to depict this great cultural change. Begun as a loving examination of Italian cinema, the film transformed into a docu-drama that alternates between interviews with the great names of the past and fragments of cultural and political life of the last 30 years. It is a travel diary that shows Italy from north to south, through movie theatres; television-addicted kids; Berlusconi and Fellini; shopping centers; TV news editors; stories of impassioned film exhibitors and directors who fight for their films; and interviews with itinerant projectionists and great European directors.

The movie Di me cosa ne sai, released in 2009, features 25 songs from artists like Avion Travel and Pino Ferrara. What is your favorite song from Di me cosa ne sai?


Songs from Di me cosa ne sai

Le Nuvole
Cosa sai di me?
Avion Travel
Un fante quando muore fa' ancora tre salti
Il tema di Fritz
Canto di Serafina
Riuscire con audacia
Salto nel vuoto
Odio le bionde
Bla-bla bu-bu-bu
L'emiro e le sue odalische
Viaggio nella prateria
Valzer a palazzo
Il merlo maschio
Canto d'amore
Pino Ferrara
Il Postino
La citta delle donne
La dolce vita
Tango Piemontese
I poeti dell'odio
Milonga del poeta
Tango a Catania