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Dhyanu Bhagat (1978)

Shunned by his parents, brought up by a Poojary, nursed by a cow, Dhyanu Bhagat grows up performing miracles, curing the ill, and singing the praise of Devi Maa Durga. He faces many opponents, including Satish, who believes that Dhyanu is wooing his fiancée, Paro. After witnessing Mughal troops' desecration of the Devi's Mandir, Dhyanu's biggest challenge will come from none other than Shahenshah Akbar himself who will ask him to convert to Din-i-Ilahi.

The movie Dhyanu Bhagat, released in 1978, features 7 songs from artists like Mahendra Kapoor, Asha Bhosle , Dilraj Kaur, Asha Bhosle Jai Kumar Sonik and Mohammad Rafi. What is your favorite song from Dhyanu Bhagat?


Songs from Dhyanu Bhagat

Mann Tera Mandar Ankha Jive Batiye
Mahendra Kapoor
Nee Gungha Kaisa Bol Padha
Asha Bhosle , Dilraj Kaur
Bandhey Nu Samaj Na Aaye
Mahendra Kapoor
Maa Tere Darbar
Mahendra Kapoor
Bebe Teri Mangti Hai Munna, Weh Sajna Tu Manghe Hai Pyaar
Asha Bhosle Jai Kumar Sonik
Jag Tere Mandirat Aaya Bholi Maa
Mahendra Kapoor
Dukh Sukh Dono Tan De Kapde
Mohammad Rafi

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