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Dark Summer (2000)

A traveling cellist gets involved with two disturbed sisters on their way to Seattle to tell their mom that their dad has just passed away. On the way, the two kill a judge and a few others unknown to the cellist. Eventually he gets pinned for the crimes and is forced to defend himself.

The movie Dark Summer, released in 2000, features 8 songs from artists like Jack Semple and Mark Rudoff and The Flying Neutrinos. What is your favorite song from Dark Summer?


Songs from Dark Summer

Les Trois Valses Distingu?es Du Pr?cieux D?gout?
Cello Suite #2: Prelude In D Minor
Apr?s Un R?ve
Prelude #5 Book 1: The Well-Tempered Harpsichord
Cello Boogie
Jack Semple and Mark Rudoff
Dance Little Cowgirl
Delta Bound
The Flying Neutrinos

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