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Dalkeith (2002)

Tells the true story of the residents at Dalkeith Residential Home who sit around every day just waiting to die until staff buy them a greyhound. Naming the dog Dalkeith after the home, they discover she is a phenomenal runner and she is soon entered into the greyhound races. Soon residents are betting on the outcome of the races, and they are given a new reason to live. But the board of trustees learn what is going on, through the disgruntled daughter of one of the residents, and heavily handedly put an end to the fun and games. After the board's intervention the residents sink into a new form of despair as life becomes even duller and more boring than before. That is until the aloof pensioner, played by Ray Barrett, reveals he was once a high profile barrister and challenges the decision in court.

The movie Dalkeith, released in 2002, features 7 songs from artists like Dean Martin. What is your favorite song from Dalkeith?


Songs from Dalkeith

Memories Are Made of This
Dean Martin
Camptown Races
Your Mumma Was a Sucker for Love
Too Old for the Orphanage, Too Young for the Old Folks Home
Mir ist so wunderbar
Voi che sapete che cosa e amor
When You and I were Young, Maggie