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Curse of the Starving Class (1994)

Curse of the Starving Class is a play by Sam Shepard, considered the first of a series on family tragedies. Drama about a dirt-poor 1950's-era farm family. Dad's a foul talking drunk and Mom is desperately trying to save what's left of their family life.

The movie Curse of the Starving Class, released in 1994, features 11 songs from artists like Squash, Cafe Noir, The Roadkings and The Andy Timmons Bank. What is your favorite song from Curse of the Starving Class?


Songs from Curse of the Starving Class

The Devil Song
Lost In The Land Of Texaco
Something In Red
The Long Slow Slide
Cafe Noir
The Roadkings
Nocturnal Lounge
The Roadkings
Around The Bend
I Remember Stevie
The Andy Timmons Bank
Old Enough
Little Caesar
Laudate Domini
Budapesti Filharm?niai T?rsas?g Zenekara (as Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra)
When You Call Upon The Heart
Tom Faulkner