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Csinibaba (1997)

The movie is set in the actual "Ki Mit Tud?" talent contest in 1962. In reality the contest in dance music category was won by an army brass band. "Omega" which later became one of the most successful Hungarian rock bands came out in the second place.

The movie Csinibaba, released in 1997, features 16 songs from artists like Henriett Czerovszky. What is your favorite song from Csinibaba?


Songs from Csinibaba

Kisp?l ?s a Borz
?lj vele boldogan
G?bor Z?vody
Kicsit szomork?s a hangulatom
Kisp?l ?s a Borz
Egyed?l a t?parton
Attila B?rsony
Su-su bolonds?g
Felicia Fl?ra Kov?cs and Henriett Czerovszky
K?l?n?s ?jszaka
Felicia Fl?ra Kov?cs
Valaki kell nekem is
Felicia Fl?ra Kov?cs
Bikiniben l?ttam meg
Kisp?l ?s a Borz
Te szeress legal?bb
Felicia Fl?ra Kov?cs and G?bor Z?vody
Csak f?lig lenne meg
Henriett Czerovszky
Kisp?l ?s a Borz
Fogj egy s?tap?lc?t
J?nos G?lv?lgyi
Pest meg?r egy estet
Felicia Fl?ra Kov?cs and J?nos G?lv?lgyi
Tam?s Cseh
G?bor Z?vody and Attila B?rsony
Im?dok ?lni
G?bor Z?vody , Attila B?rsony , Felicia Fl?ra Kov?cs and Henriett Czerovszky

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