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Craig (2008)

CRAIG is a lonely, somewhat awkward, young man trying to recover from losing his parents in a big fire. Besides a friend from childhood, in one go he looses everyone he cares about. The friend, Cliff, isn't of much use either. He has his own problems to deal with, he's not a bad guy, he's just in over his head as it is with his own problems. Craig has suffered some severe trauma and takes Lithium on a daily basis, but when he loses his pills, things slowly, but safely, starts taking a turn for the worse and the voices inside his head is getting louder and louder.

The movie Craig, released in 2008, features 13 songs from artists like Manoush, Centhron, Halo In Reverse and Sister Cyanide. What is your favorite song from Craig?


Songs from Craig

Cruel Is My Love, Sore Is My Heart
Gott Du Schlampe
Schwarze Fee
Modesty's Failure
Halo In Reverse
I Machine
Halo In Reverse
Illusion Is Reality
Sister Cyanide
Blood and Snow
The Empfindlich Suono Band
In the Company of Evil
Papa Fiasco
Long Cold Night
The Screamin Red Devils
Blyndfold Mary
The Processing
Troubled Soul

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