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Condominio (2007)

Three stories happen simultaneously within one Condominium. Three stories about the limits human beings will go to in the simple attempt to be happy. Clotilde lives in number 24. She is an elderly lady and the sole responsible of her son, Javier, who is schizophrenic. But they have found an equilibrium to survive their misery. An equilibrium that may be broken at any time. Number 7 is home to Janet, a pregnant prostitute. She lives with Leslie, her junkie colleague. They know they have no future. But they have a plan. They need to go to Miami. The father of Janet's unborn child has the money they need. And they have decided to take the respect they are owed. Above the girls lives Fredy. He is in love with Álvaro, who has AIDS. Together they have established a shelter where people infected with HIV can find company. But Álvaro is dimming. Fredy won't accept it, but Alvaro has little time left. Three stories to continue sharing the same Condominium. ¿Where do YOU live?

The movie Condominio, released in 2007, features 9 songs from artists like JAS 1987, Cuchillazo, Hector Lavoe and Hermanos Brothers. What is your favorite song from Condominio?


Songs from Condominio

Esa Reja
Jos? Chaqueta Piaggio & Abel P?ez & Armando El?as
JAS 1987
M?s Poder
Mart?n Choi y Julio P?rez
El D?a de mi Suerte
Hector Lavoe
En Casa
Hermanos Brothers
Bang Bang
Himno Nacional
Julio P?rez
La Sarita

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