Songs from Movies

Clear Blue Tuesday (2009)

Indie-rock musical from director Elizabeth Lucas that tells the stories of 11 people living and working in post-9/11 New York City with a cast of real-life performers.

The movie Clear Blue Tuesday, released in 2009, features 17 songs from artists like Jan ODell, Brother Love, Robert Hager & Becca Ayers and cast. What is your favorite song from Clear Blue Tuesday?


Songs from Clear Blue Tuesday

Brand New Sky
Help Me Help You
Spiraling Down
The Fuck-up Song
Thank You Syd
The Day the Sky Fell
Jan ODell
Spank It
Brother Love
Beginning of an Ending
Robert Hager & Becca Ayers
Help Me Help You (reprise)
We'll Move the World
Nothing to Prove
The Ritual
Lookout, Science
Here I Am
Move High
Brother Love