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City Dragon (1995)

Martial-artist Ray should focus more on his pregnant girlfriend, Tina. However, many others are in the picture, including (but not limited to): Tina's ex-boyfriend; Ray's sexually-discriminating boss-lady; and two homies.

The movie City Dragon, released in 1995, features 16 songs from artists like Stan Derain (as MC Kung Fu & The Home Dogs), Oreo, Black 9 and Philthy Phil Phillips (as Philthy Phil) & Valentino. What is your favorite song from City Dragon?


Songs from City Dragon

Stan Derain (as MC Kung Fu & The Home Dogs)
Push a Little Harder
Can't Say No
Booty Quake
Life of a D.O.G.
Black 9
Still in Love
Philthy Phil Phillips (as Philthy Phil) & Valentino
Stan Derain (as MC Kung Fu)
Keep it Real
Precious J
Doing This Hip Hop Thang
Precious J
On and On
Anthony Williams (as Anthony Williams GOL-D-LOX)
We Got it Goin' On
Veda Amor
Come Around
Precious J
Playing Days Are Over

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