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Chorni (1982)

Young Deepa, who works as a housemaid in the house of a wealthy family, is molested by the drunken son and a friend, but Deepa manages to escape. The son informs the police to discredit her, she is arrested, found guilty and sentenced to prison. When she is released, she is a different person altogether, cold, calculating, and a career thief. She works for gangster Shambhu Dada and steals and picks pockets. She is arrested by the police again, and this time sentenced to a year in prison. Judge Sinha, who sentenced her, would like to give her another chance at improving herself, and asks her to come and live with him and his family, which she does. After several misunderstandings and quarrels, things go well, until Judge Sinha's son, Kishore, returns home from hostel - and Deepa recognizes him as one of the young men who had molested her, and changed her life forever.

The movie Chorni, released in 1982, features 6 songs from artists like Kishore Kumar. What is your favorite song from Chorni?


Songs from Chorni

Chorni Hoon Main
Dekha Hai Tumhe Kahin Na Kahin
Kishore Kumar
Hai Yeh Kaisa Nasha
Ang Se Achchi Hai, Rang Se Achchi Hai
Kehta Dil O Mere Sanam
Kishore Kumar
Chorni Hoon Main (sad)

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