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Chess (2003)

The first Swedish language stage version of Chess, starring Helen Sjoholm as Florence Vaszi. Josefin Nilsson as Svetlana Sergievskaja, Tommy Korberg as Anatolij Sergievskij, Anders Ekborg as Freddie Trumper and Per Myrberg as Alexander Molokov. The cast sing new lyrics in Swedish ( written by Rudolfson, Jan Marks and Bjorn Ulvaeus) to tell a new version of the everchanging Chess story. A few new songs have been included (Chess continues to be a work in progress.) This version premiered in February 2002 at the Cirkus Theatre in Stockholm.

The movie Chess, released in 2003, features 23 songs from artists like Rolf Skoglund / chorus, Anders Ekborg, Josefin Nilsson and Per Myberg. What is your favorite song from Chess?


Songs from Chess

Historien om schack (The story of Chess)
Tommy K?rberg
D?r jag ville vara (Where I want to be)
Tommy K?rberg / chorus
chorus / Anders Ekborg / Helen Sj?holm
Anatolij och Molokov (The Russian and Molokov)
Per Myberg / Tommy K?rberg
Ungern '56
Helen Sj?holm / Anders Ekborg / chorus
L?mna inga d?rrar p? gl?nt (Nobody's Side)
Helen Sj?holm / chorus
Jag vill se schack (The Arbiter)
Rolf Skoglund / chorus
Kvartet En f?rebild f?r dygd och h?gsta ambition (Quartet A model of decorum and tranquillity)
Per Myberg / Helen Sj?holm / Rolf Skoglund / Tommy K?rberg
Inte jag (Someone else's story)
Helen Sj?holm
M?te p? en bro (Mountain duet)
Helen Sj?holm / Tommy K?rberg
I mitt hj?rtas land (Anthem)
Tommy K?rberg
Florence l?mnar Freddie (Argument)
Anders Ekborg / Helen Sj?holm
Vem ser ett barn (Pity the child)
Anders Ekborg
Ni d?mer mig (Endgame)
Tommy K?rberg / Josefin Nilsson / chorus
Om han var h?r (Heaven help my heart)
Helen Sj?holm
Han ?r en man, han ?r ett barn
Josefin Nilsson
Vem kunde ana (The deal)
Anders Ekborg / Tommy K?rberg / Helen Sj?holm / chorus
Dr?mmar av glas (You and I)
Helen Sj?holm / Tommy K?rberg
Jag vil se schack (The Arbiter)
Rolf Skoglund / chorus
Jag vet vad han vill (I know him so well)
Josefin Nilsson / Helen Sj?holm
Gl?m mig om du kan
Per Myberg
Dr?mmar av glas/Historien om schack (You and I/The story of chess)
Tomy K?rberg / Helen Sj?holm / chorus

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