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Checking In (2006)

Tomboy Yui (Mao Inoue) brings her 3 male friends along with her to see a live performance of local Okinawan rap group, “Workaholic”. Upon witnessing the crowd reaction, the boys decide to start a rap group of their own to impress chicks—while Toru (Hayato Ichihara) has the added motivation of impressing his older, more sophisticated love interest Nagisa (Ayumi Ito). With only 2 weeks to learn how to play instruments and prepare for their first show, the performance is predictably humiliating. In order to save pride they decide to give it another shot, but this time they ditch the instruments for a sampler and stay truer to themselves. Will Toru be able to capture Nagisa’s heart? Will Yui ever confess her love to Toru or will she just keep practicing her advanced pro wrestling techniques on him instead?

The movie Checking In, released in 2006, features 7 songs from artists like Trailer Bride, Jezus Rides A Riksha, Overproof and The Scrapers. What is your favorite song from Checking In?


Songs from Checking In

Thankful Dirt
Trailer Bride
Jezus Rides A Riksha
Foot Down
The Scrapers

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