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Chainsaw Sally (2004)

Sally is a young woman living in a small Maryland town who lives two lives: a calmly librarian by day, and a brutal serial killer by night where she randomly targets any man or woman whom even slightly upsets her. Sally lives with her reclusive, transvestite younger brother Rudy whom assists in her with the killings. Both Sally and Ruby were traumatized as youngsters when both of them witnessed three lunatics murder their mother and father before they, with 'Daddy's' help, killed the three murderous psychos.

The movie Chainsaw Sally, released in 2004, features 19 songs from artists like The Dead Elvi, Grave Danger, the Screeches and Piss Ant. What is your favorite song from Chainsaw Sally?


Songs from Chainsaw Sally

I Don't Want to Touch You Natalie Jane
The Fault
Homing Dive, Chain Me
Buddy Bought the Farm
The Dead Elvi
The Invisible Man
The Dead Elvi
Wolfman's Wagon
The Dead Elvi
I'm a Loner
The Dead Elvi
Blood in My Eyes
Boozin in the Shed
Panic Attack
Walk of Shame
Here Kitty Kitty
Grave Danger
Slice Up
the Screeches
Piss Ant
Piss Ant
Take it Off
Waltz of the Lezbo Vampires

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