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Can This Be Love (2005)

University students Ryan and Daisy probably couldn’t be any more dissimilar, with Ryan splitting his time between his nursing studies and a part-time job and Daisy, a Korean exchange student, doing her best to blend in with an unfamiliar culture. At first, their differences ignite an intense dislike for each other, but eventually, they discover they have more in common than they think perhaps even love.

The movie Can This Be Love, released in 2005, features 6 songs from artists like Sarah Geronimo, M.Y.M.P., Sandara Park and Kitchie Nadal. What is your favorite song from Can This Be Love?


Songs from Can This Be Love

Can This Be Love
Sarah Geronimo
A Little Bit
Smile in Your Heart
Sandara Park
Huwag Na Huwag
Kitchie Nadal
Kitchie Nadal
In or Out
Sandara Park

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