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Calling Bobcat (2000)

An underachieving college drop-out is dumped by his girlfriend of many years. Completely devastated, the young man employs his two best friends to aid him in an all night search through the New Jersey suburbs to find her. Closely following her trail, the trio encounter an evening of unpredictable adventure and bizarre mayhem they never bargained for.

The movie Calling Bobcat, released in 2000, features 18 songs from artists like Five Inch Fudge Muffin, Sebadoh, Vespertine and Kill Creek. What is your favorite song from Calling Bobcat?


Songs from Calling Bobcat

Pastel Smiles
Five Inch Fudge Muffin
One Hit Wonder
Interesting in the Dark
Five Inch Fudge Muffin
Magnet's Coil
Monster Around the Corner
Five Inch Fudge Muffin
Kid Candy
(I Know) The Trip
Blind For Now
Funny Farm
My Forgotten Favorite
Good Night
Killer Willow
My Best Friends
Kill Creek
Couple Skate
In My Dreams

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