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Bufo & Spallanzani (2001)

Ivan Canabrava is a writer, turned insurance ivestigator who investigates mysterious deaths involving Bufo Marinus. Bufo Marinus is a frog poison causing catalepsy in humans, simulating death, enabling grand insurance fraud and other crimes. Ten years later, now as a successful writer, similar characters possibly using Bufo Marinus reappear and create an intricate plot full of surprises.

The movie Bufo & Spallanzani, released in 2001, features 12 songs from artists like Fausto Fawcett and Cassia Eller. What is your favorite song from Bufo & Spallanzani?


Songs from Bufo & Spallanzani

Piretrum Partenium
O Mal ? Contagioso
Fausto Fawcett
Bufo & Spallanzani: Dentro de Ti
Cassia Eller
Polaroid e Pistola
A Valsa
Toni Plat?o
O Teclado Sint?tico
O Apartamento de Ira
Galeria Menescal

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