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Breaking All the Rules (1985)

Three robbers hide a stolen jewel inside a stuffed animal at one of the midway games in an amusement park. When Jack—a teen with a part-time summer job in the park—his best friend David and two girls hang out at the park, they get mixed up in the robbers' scheme to take back their jewel.

The movie Breaking All the Rules, released in 1985, features 10 songs from artists like Shannon, Muddy Waters, Louise Goffin and Shoes. What is your favorite song from Breaking All the Rules?


Songs from Breaking All the Rules

Let the Music Play
Mannish Boy
Muddy Waters
Kid Blue
Louise Goffin
Now And Then
Breaking All The Rules
Paul Booth
Get Up
Paul Booth
Fun Park
Paul Booth
It's Getting Hot In Here (Instrumental)
Pieces Of A Dream
Stop Foolin' Around
Yvonne Murray
That's My Girl
Stephen Ritchie