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Blind Target (2000)

A popular American novelist, who has written her first non-fiction work about the political infidelities and corruption within the tiny South American country of San Hermoso, returns to that very country as part of a publicity junket prepared by her publishing company. Traveling with her best friend and confidant, she is abducted by a mysterious cartel that proves to be the secret police arm of the government. In order to win her freedom and to save her friend's life, she is forced to commit a murder that would be beneficial to San Hermoso's dictator. Will she be willing to trade a life for a life and pull the trigger to murder her unknown target in cold blood? Will the C.I.A. be able to reach her in time? Will she even survive?

The movie Blind Target, released in 2000, features 8 songs from artists like Ubangis and Johnny Carson. What is your favorite song from Blind Target?


Songs from Blind Target

Dead Eyes
Flor de la higuera
Miel de amor
Gracias por tu amor
Caminar de amor
Vamos Hermano
My old friend the bottle
Johnny Carson