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Better Luck Tomorrow (2002)

A group of over-achieving Asian-American high school seniors enjoy a power trip when they dip into extra-curricular criminal activities.

The movie Better Luck Tomorrow, released in 2002, features 37 songs from artists like DJ Shadow, Bonfire Madigan, From Bubblegum to Sky and DATA. What is your favorite song from Better Luck Tomorrow?


Songs from Better Luck Tomorrow

Something's Burning
Blood on the Motorway
DJ Shadow
Menace 2 Heterosexuality
Mr. Moneybags
My New Suit
Ones and Innuendos
Steady Green
Bonfire Madigan
Let's Run
Snowfell Summer
Bonfire Madigan
Can't Spell
Would-Be Saboteurs Take Heed
Hello Hello Hi
From Bubblegum to Sky
Eskimo on Fire
Sips of Whiskey
Manta Ray
Packet Storm
Chase Mode
What Do Babies Want
Ruffneck Champions
As We Roll
The Prowler
Eat with Your Eyes
Bouncing Baby Buddah
Talk About Today
Minh's Market of the Beast
World Down
Wannabe (Night Version)
Eat with Your Eyes
Snowfell Summer
Can't Spell
My New Suit

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