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Bee Season (2005)

11-year-old Eliza is the invisible element of her family unit: her parents are both consumed with work and her brother is wrapped up in his own adolescent life. Eliza ignites not only a spark that makes her visible but one that sets into motion a revolution in her family dynamic when she wins a spelling bee. Finding an emotional outlet in the power of words and in the spiritual mysticism that he sees at work in her unparalleled gift, Eliza's father pours all of his energy into helping his daughter become spelling bee champion. A religious studies professor, he sees the opportunity as not only a distraction from his life but as an answer to his own crisis of faith. His vicarious path to God, real or imagined, leads to an obsession with Eliza's success and he begins teaching her secrets of the Kabbalah. Now preparing for the National Spelling Bee, Eliza looks on as a new secret of her family's hidden turmoil seems to be revealed with each new word she spells.

The movie Bee Season, released in 2005, features 9 songs from artists like Timothy Fain and Inbal Segev, Collective Soul, Timothy Fain and Hae-Won Chang, Piano with Camerata Cassovia. What is your favorite song from Bee Season?


Songs from Bee Season

Two Tickets To Paradise
Partita in B Minor BWV 1002 Sarabande
Timothy Fain and Inbal Segev
How Do You Love
Collective Soul
Partita in D Minor BWV 1004 Chaccone
Timothy Fain
Piano Concerto in E Major BWV 1053
Hae-Won Chang, Piano with Camerata Cassovia
Awake Up
Pete Min and Carl Capretto
Violin Concerto in E Major BWV 1042
Koja Blacher, Violin with Cologne Chamber Orchestra
Hare Krishna Kirtan
I'll Be Near You