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Beach Ball (1965)

Edd Byrnes tries to get an ethnic-music-studies grant to buy instruments for his rock and roll group.

The movie Beach Ball, released in 1965, features 11 songs from artists like The Supremes, The Wigglers, The Four Seasons and The Hondells. What is your favorite song from Beach Ball?


Songs from Beach Ball

Come to the Beach Ball with Me
The Supremes
Surfer Boy
The Supremes
I Feel So Good
The Wigglers
Surfin' Shindig
The Wigglers
Wigglin' Like You Tickled
The Wigglers
We've Got Money
The Wigglers
Dawn (Go Away)
The Four Seasons
My Buddy Seat
The Hondells
Baby, What You Want Me to Do
The Righteous Brothers
Doin' the Jerk
The Walker Brothers
Cycle Chase

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