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Bagets (1984)

Experiencing the forbidden. Experiencing rejection. Hating your parents. Hating the world around you. Discovering what's hot. Discovering what's cool. Discovering your first true love. Discovering who you are. Growing up can be such a wild time. But not when you've got the best guys to hang out with. Five chaste young men immerse themselves in the superficialities and superfluity of adolescence over the course of their last year in high school. But as they make their gradual transition from boyhood to manhood, they realize it is their formidable bond that stands as the real deal.

The movie Bagets, released in 1984, features 13 songs from artists like Debbie Allen, The Pointer Sisters, Kenny Rogers and Jo Boxer. What is your favorite song from Bagets?


Songs from Bagets

Growing Up
So It's You
Why Don't You Care
High School High
Why Me
This is a House
Baby I Lied
Debbie Allen
Jump (For My Love)
The Pointer Sisters
You and I
Kenny Rogers
Just Got Lucky
Jo Boxer