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BachelorMan (2003)

In these times of enlightened sexual politics, Ted Davis is a scoring machine. He's got the rap, the charm and his little black book weighs several pounds. Ted has become a guru to his buddies who can only aspire in awe to his greatness. This is a man's man, a ladies man, a super-hero: He's Ted Davis: "BachelorMan"...

The movie BachelorMan, released in 2003, features 12 songs from artists like Kung Fu Grip, Stretch Nickel and The Peasants. What is your favorite song from BachelorMan?


Songs from BachelorMan

Wedding March
They're Friggin' In Love
Las Altenas
Kung Fu Grip
Guess My Name
Kung Fu Grip
Does Anybody Care
Stretch Nickel
I Like It Like That
Kung Fu Grip
Back In Love
The Peasants
Stretch Nickel
Stretch Nickel

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