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Baby Love (1995)

Andie and Ira sincerely think that they are deeply in love and ready to face the world. They attempt to tie the knot and build a life of their own. Their parents are shocked by their children's behavior until they realize their shortcomings led the kids to run away from their boarding school.

The movie Baby Love, released in 1995, features 6 songs from artists like Michelle Gallaga (Finale Version) / Ronadel Culata (Montage Version), Ronadel Culata & Orland Arcega, Tony Cortez and Ronadel Culata & Manex Dolencio. What is your favorite song from Baby Love?


Songs from Baby Love

Di Na... Matigil, Di Na... Mapigil
Michelle Gallaga (Finale Version) / Ronadel Culata (Montage Version)
Sana Lagi Kang Kasama
Ronadel Culata & Orland Arcega
Kaibigang Matalik
Tony Cortez
Ronadel Culata & Manex Dolencio
Oh Sanctissima
Tutis Mabunga
Song of Truth
Tutis Mabunga & Orland Arcega

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