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Baby Boy (2001)

The story of Jody, a misguided, 20-year-old African-American who is really just a baby boy finally forced-kicking and screaming to face the commitments of real life. Streetwise and jobless, he has not only fathered two children by two different women-Yvette and Peanut but still lives with his own mother. He can't seem to strike a balance or find direction in his chaotic life.

The movie Baby Boy, released in 2001, features 24 songs from artists like Kool & The Gang, Snoop Dogg featuring Tyrese Gibson and Mr. Tan, Three 6 Mafia featuring La Chat and Lost Angels. What is your favorite song from Baby Boy?


Songs from Baby Boy

I'm Popeye the Sailor Man
Summer Madness
Kool & The Gang
Just a Baby Boy
Snoop Dogg featuring Tyrese Gibson and Mr. Tan
Baby Mama
Three 6 Mafia featuring La Chat
We Keep It G
Lost Angels
Just a Man
Raphael Saadiq featuring Devin The Dude
Hail Mary
Tupac Shakur
Straight F***ing
The Transitions featuring Charles Gator Moore (as Gator)
Crip Hop
Tha Eastsidaz featuring Snoop Dogg
Baby Boy
Felicia Adams
Eat Sleep Think
Connie McKendrick
Jody's Got Your Girl and Gone
Johnnie Taylor
Daddy's Home
Jermaine Jackson
Just a Touch Of Love
Talk Sh*t 2 Ya
Wishin' On a Star
Rose Royce and Leon Haywood
B.G. featuring Brian Williams (as Baby) and Lac
I Want'a Do Something Freaky To You
Love & War
Anthony Hamilton featuring Macy Gray
I'm Sinbad the Sailor
Felicia Adams
Just to Keep You Satisfied
Marvin Gaye
I'd Rather Be with You
Bootsy Collins
I Do Love You